Letters & numbers magnetic for labelling metal shelves, 2-piece set, 120 characters per A4 sheet

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At supermagnete you can find the world's strongest magnets at affordable prices. For already 16 years we have served businesses and individuals throughout Europe. In 2018 alone we handled almost 220 000 orders. We deliver promptly and to almost all European countries.

Our highly motivated team does everything it can to offer you perfect service. When it comes to strong magnets, we are the right partner.

Versatile applications for neodymium super magnets and ferrite magnets

You have come to the right place if you are looking to purchase versatile neodymium, ferrite or AlNiCo magnets for industry and trade, science and school or home and hobby. At supermagnete we offer business and private customers high-quality permanent magnets and magnetic products in various shapes and sizes and for multi-purpose applications.

Thanks to our long-time experience, you receive all products at fair prices. We deliver quickly and to all European countries.

Due to their extraordinary adhesive force, neodymium pot magnets are suitable for versatile attachment possibilities. Thanks to their NdFeB alloy they are extremely strong even at small dimensions. Our assortment contains many other neodymium magnets. We offer them as discs, rods, blocks, cubes, spheres and rings. Additionally, you can find different ferrite magnets at supermagnete, which are especially suitable for the use at high temperatures as well as outdoors.

Special magnetic articles

The modern magnet production provides for versatile products, which can be used for special purposes. For organising, presenting and arranging, our magnetic tapes and sheets are wonderfully suited. You can cut and label them individually according to your needs. Our whiteboard magnets, whiteboards and magnetic name tags are perfect for office use. Our fridge magnets and magnetic boards are available in all sorts of shapes and perfect for decorating or giving away as gifts. For a do-it-yourselfer, workshop magnets and magnetic paint are ingenious solutions.

An important application area are experiments for science and education. Hence, at supermagnete you can find various AlNiCo magnets such as horseshoe and rod magnets for science and school use.

Are you looking for a particular product for a certain project you have in mind? Let our numerous customer applications inspire you or contact our friendly and multilingual customer care team.

Shipping & Delivery

We serve customers throughout Europe and handle more than 2000 000 orders annually. This experience and our huge inventory with 35 million neodymium magnets as well as other magnetic products make a quick delivery possible. Even larger quantities are turned around in a short time.

Customer satisfaction

Our top priority is to satisfy the wishes of our customers a hundred percent. This customer focus and our high-quality products are the reason for our online shop's success since 2003. The result are satisfied customers throughout Europe. Do you wish to be satisfied as well? Try us.