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Attaching headphone

Attaching headphones to clothing
Author: S. Hamm, Sachsen, Germany
Online since: 02/08/2012, Number of visits: 162227
I like to listen to music, even when I am on the go. Due to the weight of the cable it happens that the headphones fall out of my ears when I am running. I was looking for a solution for strain relief, but couldn't even find anything on the Internet.
Then I came across your ring magnet R-15-06-06-N through which I looped the cable...
... and used a washer as a counterpart. The principle is simple...
... and it works like a charm. My headphones are now securely attached to my t-shirt without a trace (as opposed to using a safety pin).
Tip from the supermagnete team:
We tested this application and recommend using four ring magnets R-12-09-1.5-N as an alternative. Two of the magnets are attached with the cable to the outside of the clothing and the other two to the inside. The radius of the ring magnets is large enough as to not damage the cable when you thread it.
You should be gentle with these ring magnets because they are delicate and can break.

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