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Fasten the ukulele strap

This fastener prevents damage to antique instruments
Author: Dieter Schmiedel, Riegelsberg, Germany
Online since: 06/08/2010, Number of visits: 276740
I used S-20-05-N disc magnets to attach a belt to my ukulele. This way, I didn't have to drill and antique instruments keep their original condition.
I just used double-sided adhesive tape to glue a magnet on the inside of the ukulele, and I sewed another magnet into the red belt. Then I carefully brought the end of the belt up to the ukulele. It works great!
#EMPTY#The other end of the belt can be fastened on the ukulele's neck without damaging it. You need only two magnets: one in the ukulele and on on the belt.

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