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Hanging a curtain with magnets

How to attach temporary curtains
Author: Kerstin Ordelt
Online since: 09/05/2022, Number of visits: 59376

In our house, we have a large glass front that we love as is. There is no curtain rail on the glass front, so we don’t have a permanently installed curtain. However, during the months when the sun sits low in the sky, a curtain would sometimes be very useful – but only for 2-3 hours and only on certain days. This is where the super magnets come into play to attach the curtain.

Hanging curtains without drilling holes

We were looking for solutions to temporarily hang a curtain and decided to attach sew-in magnets to the curtain. They are perfect as magnets for curtains.

Per curtain, we attached three sew-in magnets 18 x 2 mm round We sewed the magnets onto the sides and the middle of the curtain. For heavier fabrics or wider curtains, simply adjust the number or strength of the magnets accordingly. As you can see in the photo, you don’t need any special sewing skills; it can be done with just a needle and thread.
Because of this ingenious idea with the sew-in magnets, our curtains can be put up in as little as 10 seconds and, with a quick pull, disappear again in just a second. Since our house has a steel girder that runs the whole length of the glass front, this solution is truly ideal for us. However, not many people will have such a ferromagnet steel beam at their disposal. Our tip: With the installation of a counterpart on the wall above the windows, the solution with the curtain with magnets can be implemented in any household.

Please note: It doesn’t necessarily have to be curtains. This solution also works with background fabric for photographers. The fabric can be quickly attached to the wall in the studio without requiring an extra tripod.
Note from the supermagnete team: We carry different sizes of sew-in magnets in our assortment. All versions are ideal for hanging your curtains with magnets:

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