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Modular ball path

This marble run makes almost infinite combinations possible
Author: P. O., Wohlen
Online since: 29/09/2008, Number of visits: 393168
A 1000 x 850 x 2 mm steel plate is edged and cut, so it can stand by itself with an approx. 15° tilt backwards. A 16 mm birch plywood provides an appropriate base.
Use plywood (10 and 4 mm thick) to make the fitting path parts. The maximum length of a path part equals the width of the plate. The width of the path parts has to be at least equal to the sphere diameter. Well suited are e.g. spheres of computer mice. Those are big and heavy.
Caution: You need path parts on the left and on the right! To keep the parts clinging to the plate, glue 3 - 5 cube magnets W-05-G on the plate.
Loosely bolted aluminum pads and jolting paths add sound.
Chimes and bells, hung up with little magnetic hooks type BD-FTN-10, make for a nice sound as well. The individual path parts can be arranged in any way to form a complete path.
On the backside of the plate you can nicely store everything.
A well-known Swedish furniture store as well as various mail-order companies sell drawing paper on rolls. With fasteners of 16 mm plywood and glued-in cube magnets W-10-N, another function can be added to the ball path.
Fasteners for the paper roll, furnished with small cube magnets on the front side
Fasteners for the paper roll, furnished with small cube magnets on the front side

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