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Mount 4G antenna without drilling

Once again, magnets prevent ugly drill holes
Author: Robin Burton, St. Austell, United Kingdom
Online since: 11/12/2018, Number of visits: 101695
Our company recently acquired a new 4G/LED antenna and searched for an opportunity to mount it on the outside of the company building. Since we didn’t want to drill holes, we had the idea to use magnets. We chose four OTNW-32 pot magnets. We removed the eyelets and replaced them with M8 screws.
The big advantage of this application: The antenna stays in place for certain but can be easily moved or removed if necessary.
Note from the supermagnete team: Our OTNW magnets are made for dry indoor use. Extended outdoor use may cause them to rust and lose their magnetisation. We recommend using 4 CSF-40 made of rust-proof ferrite.

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