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PC ventilator

Cooling delicate PC components systematically thanks to external ventilator
Author: Massimo Vecchi, Rom, [email protected]
Online since: 22/12/2010, Number of visits: 305979
Sometimes you need to cool certain components on the inside of your PC, but there is no way to position the external ventilator.
Luckily, I recently bought super magnets - and now the problem is eliminated!
And this is how I did it:
1. Expand the four holes of the external ventilator with the drill a little bit.
2. Place one S-05-05-N disc magnet in each of the holes.
3. Press the holes together with tongs until the magnets are clamped in there.
4. Attach 4 rod magnets, such as S-06-13-N, to the ventilator as spacers.
Now I can position the ventilator anywhere on the PC. No matter where I put it, it stays there and does its job (see pictures).
This application works better than I ever imagined!

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