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Repair a damaged charging cable with Sugru

Easily repair a damaged cable with Sugru adhesive putty
Author: supermagnete, Uster
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Who hasn’t come across this problem? The insulation surrounding a (mobile phone) charging cable has cracked right at the end of the cable where the connector is located, yet the cable is still fully functional. To prevent a cable break, you could repair it with electrical tape. However, quite often the tape comes loose quickly. For a long-lasting fix, you can simply cover the crack with Sugru. Sugru has an electrically insulating and sealing effect. And since Sugru remains pliable when dry, the cable stays flexible.

As a silicone product, Sugru has strong electrically insulating properties. However, you should exercise caution when dealing with electricity. Use Sugru for small repairs on low-current consumer electronics below 24 volts.

Materials needed

  • Sugru adhesive putty in the desired colour
  • Charging cable to be repaired
  • If necessary: toothpicks or other tools

Shape and apply the Sugru

It is best to roll the adhesive putty into a ball first and then mould it into a shape that is slightly larger than the area to be repaired on your charging cable. In our example, we formed an oval piece that nicely wraps around the crack in the cable. Next apply the Sugru adhesive putty to the cable and press it on firmly.

Smooth the surface

Use your fingers, a toothpick or other tool to even out and smooth the surface of the putty. The adhesive putty can be shaped as desired for 30 minutes, after which it starts to dry.

Let dry

Sugru is self-hardening and fully cured after 24 hours. The advantage of Sugru is that it remains completely bendable even when dry, and the charging cable will not lose its flexibility. It won’t slip or be affected by UV rays, heat or cold. For additional product features, please see Sugru: clever adhesive putty.

Usable again

Congrats, you just saved your charging cable from recycling or even the rubbish heap and can continue to use it as usual. The following application could also be of interest to you if you want to organise your cables even more. Here, you will also need Sugru and/or magnets: Cable organisers with magnets and Sugru.

Tip: With Sugru, cables can be discreetly repaired by choosing a Sugru colour to exactly match your item. But you can also introduce beautiful contrasts by selecting colourful adhesive putty or blend colours for an even more dazzling array of different shades.

Similar to this application, many other items can be easily mended with Sugru as well, such as Repairing a zip pull tab with Sugru or Repair shoes yourself with Sugru.

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