Supermagnete chronology

The company history of supermagnete depicted with magnets
Author: supermagnete, Uster, Switzerland, [email protected]
Table of Contents:

Exhibition - Company history

For our 10-year company anniversary in September of 2013 we came up with something very special: We had an entire office wall painted with magnetic paint and depicted milestones of our company history with magnets.
The most important item was our self-adhesive magnetic sheet.

How to

Necessary material: Magnetic sheets, cutter, metal measuring stick, cutting surface, photos.
1) Edit photos as desired with a picture editing software and print it on photo paper.
2) Place magnetic sheet on cutting surface.
3) Carefully remove protective film from the magnetic sheet.
4) Carefully place the photo on the sheet and flatten it out from one side to the other to avoid air bubbles. Press down firmly.
5) Cut the boarder of the magnetic sheet with a cutter and measuring stick or cut out small photos individually.
6) Place the photos on the magnetic paint.
Big advantage: The photos can be easily removed and exchanged, if the space gets tight or the information is no longer valid.
A similar magnetic application is the project Make your own photo magnets.

Elements of the chronicle

We highlighted the following supermagnete key points of the past 10 years with magnetic sheets:
  • Milestones
  • Staff
  • Order volume
  • Events
  • Assortment growth


The most important innovations at supermagnete from 2003 to 2013 (new shops, relocations) were depicted on the magnetic paint as text boxes .
For the timeline 2003-2013 under the pictures we attached several metres of white magnetic tape 40mm on the magnetic paint.


Each employee was placed at the year when he or she started working at the company.

Event photos

Special company events (field trips, dinners, parties) were also captured on the wall.

Assortment growth

We were able to increase our assortment from year to year. New magnets and products were placed below the timeline directly on the magnetic paint - no magnetic sheet necessary.

New magnets

On the far right side of the chronicle we had room for new magnets that we added to our shop until September 2013:
Naturally, since the fall of 2013 we have added many more new products, such as magnetic paper, which is even easier to use than self-adhesive magnetic sheet.

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