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Large neodymium (NdFeB) block magnets

On this page, you can find our large neodymium block magnets with an adhesive force of up to 200 kg!.
We also offer small (5 - 10 mm) and medium (10 - 20 mm) blocks.

All block magnets on this page (except for Q-50-25-10-LN) have their north and south poles on the two largest surfaces.
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1 pc.141,92 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.134,56 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.127,99 EUR ea.
from20 pcs.124,79 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.121,96 EUR ea.
Available: 129 pcs.
1 pc.83,84 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.75,64 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.68,32 EUR ea.
from20 pcs.64,76 EUR ea.
Available: 196 pcs.
1 pc.43,33 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.38,47 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.34,13 EUR ea.
Available: 3 711 pcs.
1 pc.26,06 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.23,27 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.20,78 EUR ea.
from20 pcs.19,57 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.18,50 EUR ea.
Available: 2 414 pcs.
1 pc.21,58 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.19,11 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.16,90 EUR ea.
from20 pcs.15,83 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.14,88 EUR ea.
Available: 1 049 pcs.
1 pc.23,46 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.20,63 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.18,11 EUR ea.
from20 pcs.16,88 EUR ea.
Available: 482 pcs.
1 pc.12,55 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.11,11 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.9,83 EUR ea.
from20 pcs.9,21 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.8,65 EUR ea.
Available: 1 199 pcs.
1 pc.11,16 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.9,87 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.8,72 EUR ea.
from20 pcs.8,16 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.7,66 EUR ea.
Available: 9 788 pcs.
1 pc.11,91 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.10,48 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.9,21 EUR ea.
from20 pcs.8,59 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.8,04 EUR ea.
Available: 329 pcs.
1 pc.7,30 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.6,43 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.5,65 EUR ea.
from20 pcs.5,27 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.4,94 EUR ea.
Available: 4 805 pcs.
1 pc.7,32 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.6,44 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.5,66 EUR ea.
from20 pcs.5,28 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.4,95 EUR ea.
Available: 3 923 pcs.
1 pc.4,29 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.3,75 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.3,28 EUR ea.
from20 pcs.3,04 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.2,84 EUR ea.
Available: 2 662 pcs.
5 pcs.0,90 EUR ea.
from15 pcs.0,78 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.0,69 EUR ea.
from80 pcs.0,63 EUR ea.
Available: 75 670 pcs.
10 pcs.0,56 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.0,46 EUR ea.
from80 pcs.0,42 EUR ea.
from160 pcs.0,38 EUR ea.
Available: 19 820 pcs.
1 pc.2,81 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.2,45 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.2,12 EUR ea.
from20 pcs.1,97 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.1,83 EUR ea.
Available: 4 137 pcs.
5 pcs.1,09 EUR ea.
from15 pcs.0,94 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.0,83 EUR ea.
from80 pcs.0,76 EUR ea.
Available: 9 840 pcs.
5 pcs.1,62 EUR ea.
from15 pcs.1,42 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.1,27 EUR ea.
from80 pcs.1,17 EUR ea.
Available: 45 735 pcs.
1 pc.2,51 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.2,18 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.1,89 EUR ea.
from20 pcs.1,75 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.1,62 EUR ea.
Available: 162 567 pcs.
1 pc.4,49 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.3,91 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.3,40 EUR ea.
from20 pcs.3,15 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.2,92 EUR ea.
Available: 12 329 pcs.
1 pc.3,35 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.2,91 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.2,52 EUR ea.
from20 pcs.2,33 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.2,16 EUR ea.
Available: 4 756 pcs.
1 pc.3,60 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.3,15 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.2,74 EUR ea.
from20 pcs.2,54 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.2,37 EUR ea.
Available: 1 032 pcs.
1 pc.4,52 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.3,94 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.3,42 EUR ea.
from20 pcs.3,17 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.2,94 EUR ea.
Available: 28 110 pcs.
1 pc.11,61 EUR ea.
from3 pcs.10,20 EUR ea.
from10 pcs.8,94 EUR ea.
from20 pcs.8,32 EUR ea.
from40 pcs.7,78 EUR ea.
Available: 246 pcs.