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Can I use magnets outdoors as well?

Not all magnets are equally suited for outdoor use. Regular neodymium magnets are very susceptible to rust, which is why we do not recommend them for exterior applications. On the other hand, water-proof neodymium and ferrite magnets are ideally suited for that purpose. With a few restrictions, magnetic tapes and sheets can also be used outside. You can find detailed information below.
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Waterproof neodymium magnets

The following types of neodymium magnets are designated for outdoor use:
  • Coated magnets (pictured is a rubberised magnet) are completely coated by a plastic layer.
  • Sew-in magnets are shrink-wrapped in a PVC cover.
These magnets are therefore perfectly suited for longterm use outdoors, in wet environments (e.g. bathrooms) or even under water (e.g. in aquariums). At the same time, they are much stronger than ferrite magnets of the same size. They can be used at temperatures between -30°C and 80°C.

Other neodymium magnets

Duct tape covered magnet at garden gate
Duct tape covered magnet at garden gate
We recommend using neodymium magnets exclusively in dry indoor areas.
Untreated neodymium magnets oxidise very quickly and break. To protect our magnets from corrosion, they have a thin nickel copper nickel coating. The coating offers a certain protection against corrosion, but is not resistant enough to withstand long-term outdoor use.

Therefore, please use neodymium magnets only in dry indoor areas or protect the magnets from environmental influences with anti-corrosion paint, transparent varnish or waterproof packaging. Avoid damaging the protective coating and check magnets frequently for rust. Please keep in mind that you will need to replace rusting magnets.

Ferrite magnets

Ferrite magnets are insensitive to humidity and can be used outdoors without rusting. A special protection is not necessary.
Pot magnets with ferrite magnets are also suitable for outdoor use. Surface rust may develop on the pots over time, but that does not impact the performance of the magnets. The magnets themselves are rust-proof.
Ferrite magnets are also resistant to most chemicals. However, solvents and certain concentrated acids may harm the magnets.

Magnetic tape and magnetic sheet

Since they don't rust, magnetic tapes and magnetic sheets can also be used outdoors. However, UV radiation may make the material brittle. Therefore, you have to take into account that you may have to replace the material from time to time.
When it comes to magnetic tapes and sheets, you need to consider the FAQ about self-adhesive products.

Additional information about magnets

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