Hand towel holder 2

Fancy towel holder with ceiling mount
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Let your towels float!
The practical hand towel holder made of stainless steel and aluminium can do just that and looks classy on top of it. The towel is always at hand - no bending over, no slipping to the floor. If you try it once, you will never again hang up your towels on the wall. Guaranteed!
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Technical data

Article ID M-45
EAN 7640155433549
Material NdFeB
Length 200 cm
Made in Germany
Weight 99 g

Additional features and tips

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The stainless steel cable with integrated ceiling mount is 200 cm long and can be shortened in length. Two strong neodymium magnets are embedded in the anodised aluminium discs and hold the towel come what may.

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If you want to polish your glasses in the kitchen...
... or if you want to dry your hands in the bathroom: The towel is always at hand - and floats in place when you are done with it.
If the cable is too long, you can easily shorten it. You can loosen the cable from the fitting with the enclosed socket wrench, cut the cable with a pair of pliers and reattach the shortened cable in fitting. Then, fasten the screw again.
The towel holder will be delivered in this simple cardboard box. A detailed installation guide is enclosed.