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Silwy Metal-Nano-Gel-Pads square 8,4 x 8,4 cm

self-adhering surface for magnets, reusable, with synthetic leather coating, set of 2, in different colours

Item number NGP-SQ
Unit of Sale 1 set
Brand: silwy
1 set 14,95 EUR/set
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14,95 EUR

incl. VAT plus shipping

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With the self-adhering metal-nano-gel-pads by silwy, you can create an area for attaching magnets on almost any surface. All without drilling, screws or permanent adhesive. Thanks to the gel layer, these ingenious pads can be removed without leaving any residue and are reusable any number of times. They are the perfect camping accessories for caravans, campers, campervans, as well as boats, yachts, sailing boats or your home. You will receive a set of 2 pads.

The silwy metal-nano-gel-pads have many uses.

Our tip: Without a magnet, the gel pads can protect walls from door handles or toilet lids.

The magnets stick to a flexible metal foil hidden inside the gel pads. The reverse side has a unique gel layer which, in turn, holds the pads securely. To attach a pad, remove the protective film from the gel layer and press the pad onto the desired surface. When you want to reposition it to a different spot, simply remove it, rinse with clean water, and let dry for a few minutes. Now your metal-nano-gel-pad is again ready for use. To clean, wipe the pad with a damp cloth.

Please note: We recommend the metal-nano-gel-pads for indoor use since they are not weather-resistant. Exposure to heat, solar radiation, rain and water vapour will affect the adhesion of the pads.
The pads are not suitable for storing magnetic glasses on the wall or the ceiling, see information leaflet. Appropriate for this purpose are the silwy metal strip 50 cm and silwy metal strip 25 cm.

Technical data

Article ID NGP-SQ
Height H 2 mm
Width 83 mm
Depth 83 mm
Material premium synthetic leather
Made in Germany
Weight 69 g/set

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