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with magnetic beer cap collector
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This bottle opener not only catches everyone's eye but also falling bottle caps that adhere to the magnetic trap (metal plate with magnets behind). It collects up to 60 pieces underneath the opener. Only the third case of beer reveals the (magnetic) limits of this bottle opener.
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Technical data

Article ID M-40
Made in Germany
Material Cast iron
Weight 470 g/set

Additional features and tips

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Assembly is finished in no time. Two screws attach the wall bottle opener and two more the plate with the strong disc magnets. The plate should be mounted two to three finger-widths under the opener. And the next party can begin. Your guests will be amazed!

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A magnetic plate, which will be mounted under the wall opener, ensures enough holding power. Attach the enclosed metal plate to it. Everything that touches the magnet becomes magnetic itself. Therefore, the bottle caps not only attach to the plate but also hold each other.
You decide: Would you like to nurture the 'bottle cap grape' at the regular's table or simply recycle it after the party? If the former is the the case, you should definitely purchase a beer tree. In the case of the latter, just remove the metal plate from the magnetic plate and let the bottle caps tumble into the rubbish bin.
Included in the "beer" package:

  • Wall bottle opener made of cast iron

  • Magnet trap: 3 strong disc magnets mounted on a plate

  • A sheet metal sign with beer imprint (11 x 8 cm) and optional protective foil

  • 4 screws and suitable rawlplugs

Included in the "stainless steel" package:

  • Wall bottle opener made of cast iron

  • Magnet trap: 3 strong disc magnets mounted on a plate

  • A stainless steel plate (11 x 11 cm)

  • 4 screws and suitable rawlplugs

A dream team for the next party: The magnetic bottle opener combined with the small or large beer tree. Common bottle caps go in the rubbish bin, the prettier ones can be collected and displayed on the beer tree.