Magnetic board - the multi-functional fancy pin board

If you want to show off postcards, drawings and photos in an attractive manner, magnetic boards are a practical and decorative solution. Whether elegant stainless steel, exceptional shale, fancy glass or bright colours - a magnetic pin board is multifaceted. The same goes for magnetic strips, which also provide creative presentation opportunities. They are available in different colours and sizes. Most products already include fitting, strong neodymium magnets.
We also carry whiteboards in various sizes.

  • Attractive designs and themes
  • Perfect for displaying postcards, photos and more
  • Creative wall arrangements possible
  • Suitable for use in office, kitchen, living room or bedroom
Caution: Due to the distance to the metal plate you will need much stronger magnets for memo boards made of glass. If you need magnets for a magnetic glass board, please read our FAQ.

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