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Magnetic adhesive tape ferrite 150 mm

self-adhesive magnetic tape, rolls of 1 m / 5 m / 25 m

Item number MT-150-STIC
Price and rebate
1 m 10,68 EUR/m
from 5 m 8,95 EUR/m
from 25 m 7,64 EUR/m
from 50 m 7,19 EUR/m
from 75 m 6,94 EUR/m
Ask for a rebate from 800 m
incl. VAT plus shipping

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This very wide self-adhesive magnetic tape helps to attach heavy non-magnetic objects to metal surfaces. The advantage: it can be individually cut to size with a pair of scissors. For example, attach a piece of it to the back of a plastic or aluminium sign to hang it very securely on a ferromagnetic surface.

The magnetic tape is available in lengths of 1 m, 5 m, and 25 m. It consists of strontium ferrite and flexible plastic. On one side it is coated with an adhesive. The adhesive force is 102 g/cm2. The longer the magnetic tape, the higher the adhesive force. For heavy items, we recommend using magnetic tape sufficient in size for the weight of the object.

Please note:

Please note

Magnets should not be placed on self-adhesive magnetic tapes, because they would demagnetise the tapes. Suitable surfaces for magnets are self-adhesive metal strips or metal strips, for example.

Technical data

Article ID MT-150-STIC
Design Self-adhesive (film)
Width 150 mm
Thickness 1,5 mm
Magnetisation Anisotropic
Strength 102 g/cm²
Shelf life adhesive 6 months (approx.)
Material Ferrite
Weight 920 g/m
Adhesive data sheet
PDF data sheet
The tape is anisotropically magnetised, which gives it a higher adhesive force than many other standard magnetic tapes. Compare the adhesive force indications before making your decision.
Attention: 5 metres of this tape weigh almost 4 kg - 25 weigh over 20 kg!
The self-adhesive magnetic tape can also temporarily connect two non-metal objects - like a window frame and a fly screen. Put the magnetic tape on both objects and have them touch. Remember to place one tape upside down, so the north pole touches the south pole. Just try it out beforehand.

More information on how to combine two magnetic tapes.