Self-adhesive magnetic tape neodymium

10 mm wide, Cut length 1 m
promptly deliverable
1 m


This self-adhesive magnetic tape features a phenomenal adhesive force of 450 g/cm² and is therefore about 4x stronger than a regular magnetic tape. This is made possible through neodymium-iron-boron, which is also used for the production of super magnets.
The neodymium magnetic tape is 10 mm wide and can attach heavy, non-magnetic objects to metal surfaces. It is perfect when you need a high adhesive force, but you don't have much space available (for instance when you need to seal something).
Attention: The magnetic tape is not a base surface for magnets!

The magnetic tape is delivered in rolls of 1 meter. If you order 3 m, for instance, you will receive three individual 1-m-rolls.
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Technical data

Article ID NMT-10-STIC
Adhesive 3M, No. 9448A
Shelf life adhesive 6 months (approx.)
Width 10 mm
Thickness 1,5 mm
Magnetisation Isotropic
Max. working temperature 100░C
Strength 450 g/cm²
Weight 75 g/m

Additional features and tips

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The magnetic tape is available in 1 m rolls and can easily be cut to the desired size with scissors.

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Self-adhesive magnetic tapes need to be placed, pressed and dried on suitable surfaces. Otherwise, air may be trapped and the tapes may come undone. Please read our FAQ about self-adhesive products.
The self-adhesive magnetic tapes are not a suitable surface for magnets. They would demagnetise the tapes. A better surface for magnets would be our magnetic strips.
The flux detector visualizes nicely the lamellar magnetisation perpendicular to the tape length. North and south poles take turns in close intervals, which leads to a higher adhesive force on direct contact with ferromagnetic surfaces.
Just glue on a tiny piece of the magnetic tape...
... and up goes the post-it pad onto an iron piece of office furniture.
Thanks to its high adhesive force, it can even be attached to a wall that is painted with magnetic paint.
Also signs can be hung up with little effort and no damage to structures.