Name tag magnetic Freestyle

set for fastening a name tag, 2 parts
promptly deliverable


The quick solution for all types of magnetic name tags - the set protects your clothing because needles or pins are not required. You will receive two parts: A 36 mm x 11 mm metal piece with self-adhesive film to effortlessly attach name tags, buttons or business cards. Also, a strong magnet for the inside of your clothing. The magnet is covered with a plastic material, so even those with nickel allergies can safely wear the tag.

  • You can use a tag of your choice, in any size (e.g. your business card)
  • Simple assembly, thanks to the included self-adhesive film
  • High adhesive force due to the use of super magnets
  • Comfortable to wear (weighs only 12 grams!)

Caution: People with pacemakers need to wear this name tag on the right side of their body! A warning is attached to the reverse side of the magnet.
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Technical data

Article ID M-17
EAN 7640155433402
Material NdFeB
Length 40 mm
Width 14 mm
Weight 12 g

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Available: 266 pcs.

Additional features and tips

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The generously proportioned self-adhesive film ensures that even larger tags hold well.

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Just use your business card and you have a name tag ready in just a few seconds!
Now you can attach the name tag easily and without needles to your clothing - recommended especially for precious material that you don't want to have damaged, e.g. wedding apparel.
Or you can simply glue the metal to the backside of your own name tag creation.
Convincing trio: Name tag magnetic Freestyle, the smart fastener for name tags of any format. Name tag magnetic Business, the business-card-size name tag with blank insert and the Blank business cards for individual printing of suitable cards.
The video shows an application for this name tag. Our blank business cards were used as paper inserts.