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Spax wood screws with hexalobular socket Ø 4 x 50 mm

countersunk screws with partial thread, 200 screws/UoS, non-magnetic!

Item number M-WS-450
Unit of Sale (UoS) 200 pieces
1 UoS 24,95 EUR/UoS
incl. VAT plus shipping

24,95 EUR

incl. VAT plus shipping

promptly deliverable

Available: 115 Units of Sale

Delivery time: 2-9 business days

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These 50 mm long countersunk head wood screws from Spax are made of rustproof, non-ferromagnetic stainless steel and fit most of the screw-on magnets and pot magnets with countersunk holes in our assortment. Thanks to the countersunk head, the Spax wood screws can be fastened flush in the hole of the magnet. In addition, these wood screws have a special 4CUT point to reduce the fastening torque and displace excess wood when tightening, making it less likely that the wood will split.

Since the Spax wood screws are made of stainless steel, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The non-magnetic material of the screw makes it much easier to attach the magnet because no adhesive forces are acting on it. Of course, you can also use these countersunk screws for projects without magnets, for example, to attach wooden strips or wood panels.

The hexalobular wood screws from Spax are compatible with the following screw-on magnets and pot magnets with countersunk holes:

Magnet type Product
Pot magnets with countersunk hole CSN-20, CSN-ES-20, CSN-HT-20, CSN-25, CSN-HT-25, CSN-32, CSN-HT-32, CSN-40
Channel magnets with countersunk hole CSR-25-13-04-N, CSR-40-40-04-N, CSR-100-20-05-N, CSR-120-20-05-N
Block magnets with countersunk hole CS-Q-60-20-04-N, CS-Q-80-20-04-N, CS-Q-15-15-04-N, CS-Q-20-12-04-N, CS-Q-20-20-04-N, CS-Q-30-12-04-N, CS-Q-40-20-04-N, CS-Q-40-40-04-N, CS-Q-12-12-04-N
Disc magnets rubberised with countersunk hole CS-S-42-05-R, CS-S-18-05-R, CS-S-27-05-R
Disc magnets with countersunk hole CS-S-50-04-N, CS-S-12-04-N, CS-S-15-04-N, CS-S-18-04-N, CS-S-23-04-N, CS-S-27-04-N, CS-S-34-04-N, CS-S-42-04-N

If your project requires thinner wood or magnets with lower adhesive forces, we recommend using 30 mm long Spax wood screws.

Technical data

Article ID M-WS-450
EAN 4003530091872
Made in Germany
Screw head Hexalobular socket
Diameter 4 mm
Length 50 mm
Material Stainless steel
Design Wood screw
Weight 580 g/UoS

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