Egg of Columbus rose-gold

Paperweight, paperclip holder
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Desk object with tumbler function, with magnet for paperclips, including 20 paperclips, high gloss polished, colour: rose-gold.

The Egg of Columbus: All the things we could have done don't matter - what we actually did matters. Columbus demonstrates that concept to his enviers who believed anyone could have explored America. He bet that none of the them would be able to make a hard-boiled egg stand on its tip. After everybody tried with no success, Columbus managed to make it stand by tapping it gently on the table and thereby slightly breaking it. To create something new is sometimes not that hard. Often it just takes a good portion of courage to let go of the old and go about challenges in a different way.

Technical data

Colour Rose-gold
Height 75 mm
Diameter 55 mm
Weight 180 g