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Fishing magnet 100

for magnet fishing, magnetic on both sides, 2x M8 threads incl. matching eyebolt, strength approx. 100 kg

Item number M-TH-TR100
Unit of Sale 1 piece
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Get ready for your next adventure! With this retrieving magnet and its impressive adhesive force of 100 kg, you are well equipped to go magnet fishing. In contrast to regular fishing magnets, this one is magnetic on both sides. That is to say, the underside, as well as the top, has an adhesive force of 100 kg thanks to the steel casing. The principle is the same as with our pot magnets: Because the two built-in ring magnets are encased in steel, with direct contact, their forces are focused towards the holding surfaces. This results in a particularly high magnetic adhesive force at the contact surfaces.

This fishing magnet has another great feature: It contains two inner threads to hold eyebolts with M8 thread. When screwing in the bolts, make absolutely sure that they are securely fastened. One such eyebolt is included in the delivery. You can order a suitable rope separately in our shop. Matching accessories such as ropes and storage bags can be found under the links below.

Please note: The fishing magnet 100 will only reach its full force if the surface is flat, smooth and thick enough. In addition, the magnet must make direct and full contact with it. If all of these conditions are not met, a pot magnet may have significantly less adhesive force than, for example, a ring magnet with the same or even weaker adhesive force. Furthermore, the full adhesive force only applies if you pull the magnet off the surface in a perpendicular direction (i.e. at a 90-degree angle to the surface). The adhesive force is considerably lower when you pull the retrieving magnet off the surface sideways. You can find more information about this topic on our FAQ page "adhesive force vs shear force".

Included in the delivery: Fishing magnet and eyebolt M8.

Please note

  • Magnets are not a toy, and careless handling can lead to injuries! So please make sure you familiarise yourself with the safety tips for neodymium magnets.
  • Be extremely careful in areas where there may be unexploded bombs!
  • If you really do find a treasure, you are usually not entitled to keep it - follow the legal regulations!
  • You can find additional important information in our FAQ about magnet fishing

Technical data

Article ID M-TH-TR100
EAN 7640172691328
Material NdFeB
Colour Grey
Strength 100 kg
Diameter D 60 mm
Height H 20 mm
Thread size M8
Magnetisation N35
Material Steel (Q235), nickel-plated
Design Fishing magnet
Weight 480 g
PDF data sheet

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