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Magnetism Starter Bundle

bundle with 2 AlNiCo school magnets, 1 flux detector large, 1x iron filings, 1 ferrofluid

Item number BD-EDU-1
Unit of Sale 1 set
1 set 73,50 EUR/set
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73,50 EUR

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Available: 51 sets

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This premium Magnetism Starter Bundle, consisting of two school magnets, one flux detector, iron filings and ferrofluid, is perfect for introducing your students to magnetism with the help of different experiments. It makes it easy to visualise magnetic field lines in different ways.

The AlNiCo horseshoe and rod-shaped school magnets were painted so that the north and south poles can be clearly identified. With the flux detector, the field lines of each magnet can be made visible. Iron filings or iron powder and ferrofluid show the field lines of a magnet in impressive outlines and shapes.

Important: When handling ferrofluid, we recommend you wear safety glasses, an apron and gloves as it can leave stains that are hard to remove.

Product bundle

This is a product bundle. You save 7,20 EUR or 8% compared to the individual prices.

Technical data

Article ID BD-EDU-1
EAN 7640172693605
Design Set
Weight 450 g/set
Since ferrofluid creates stains on clothing that cannot be removed, we recommend wearing old clothing or an apron while experimenting. It also leaves hard to remove stains on the skin, hence, you should wear gloves and protective glasses.
These protective accessories are not included in the delivery.
Fascinating ferrofluid
Normally, fluids are not ferromagnetic, which means a magnet won’t attract them. But, when you manage to get tiny iron particles to float in a fluid without clumping together or sinking to the bottom, then you have a ferromagnetic fluid that reacts to a magnetic field, a so-called "ferrofluid". If you then place a super magnet near the ferrofluid, you can watch all sorts of weird behaviours. Ferrofluid is typically only used industrially, for example during the production of loudspeakers. However, from our online shop, you can get ferrofluid in small bottles, including a pipette so you can return it to the bottle. Now you too can conduct experiments with this fascinating fluid.