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Shopping guide for supermagnete.hu

We are happy to welcome you to our online shop. We will show you a few tips and tricks so you can quickly navigate through it on a computer or smartphone. In addition, we also tell you about exciting features and categories on our website.

Quickly find the right magnet

Sort function and filter

To quickly find the desired magnets in our online shop, you have a choice of different filter options and sort functions:
1. Use the slide bar to limit magnets by dimensions and adhesive force.
2. Additionally, filter the product lists by specific requirements.
3. Change the sort sequence of a product list by size, adhesive force and popularity, for example.

Display as list or table

By default, products in our shop categories are displayed as a list. But you do have the option to change the display format. This is especially useful for the categories neodymium magnets, ferrite magnets and pot magnets. When viewed in a table, you can sort the magnets by adhesive force, dimensions, energy product, weight, coating and maximum working temperature.

Search function

Use the convenient search function to quickly access the desired product. You will be shown matching shop categories (1) and products (2). Search results will also include any existing customer projects (3) and FAQ pages (4) matching your search criteria.

Navigation from the product page

If you are on a product page, you have different options to go to another shop category.

1. Click on the desired category in the breadcrumb navigation.
2. Click on “back” to go to the previous page.
3. Select the desired category in the main menu "shop".
4. Above the product image, click on the link for the category containing the product.
5. Select the desired category in the main menu at the top right.

Large quantities and custom orders

Would you like to order a magnet in large quantities? Or are you looking for a magnet of a specific size that we don’t carry in our assortment? In those instances, you can request an offer directly from our website and we will get back to you by e-mail within one to two business days. You will be able to take advantage of favourable terms for your order.

PDF catalogue

If you would like to gain a quick overview of all our magnets and magnetic products, we recommend our PDF catalogue. You may download this catalogue with or without product images. It will give you the most important characteristics and a short product description for each product.

Customer projects as inspiration

Draw inspiration for your own projects from more than 600 customer projects. Browse through various projects or use filters to specifically limit the number of projects shown. Let yourself be surprised by creative and entertaining projects!

Enjoy the advantages of the customer log-in

A customer account at supermagnete.hu offers you the following advantages:
  • Summary of all orders
  • Access to view order confirmations and invoices
  • Updates on order status
  • Re-ordering of previous orders
  • Your preferred payment method on file
  • Different addresses on file in the address book

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