Thinking Putty: Fun & play with magnetic putty & Co.

The Thinking Putty, also called "Silly Putty", impresses with cool tricks and fascinating features:

  • If you pull it apart slowly, it won't rip, but you can pull it like a giant gum into a long thread.
  • If you jerk the putty apart it breaks like paper and shows a clear breaking edge.
  • When you roll it into a ball, the Thinking Putty bounces up down like a rubber ball - without losing its shape.
  • If no force is applied, the putty just "melts away," which means if you shape it in some way and put it down, it will turn into a flat lump after a while.

All Thinking Putties have these features. We carry around 30 different types of these putties that differ from each other in one characteristic or another. The ferromagnetic putty is attracted to magnets, "Glow" glows in the dark, "Camo" changes colour during kneading, "Liquid Glass" is transparent, "Metallic" comes with metallic visuals, etc. There is a putty for everyone and they make original gifts at an affordable price.

Thinking Putty