Silly Putty Flip Flop

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Silly Putty "Flip Flop" impresses with cool tricks and fascinating effects. You can shape it, knead it, pull it, rip it, or let it bounce.
Additional feature of "Flip Flop": It shimmers and dazzles and seems to have a different colour however you look at it!
Available in the following models: Super Scarab, Super Oil Spill and Neon Flash.
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Technical data

Table of Contents 80 g
Weight 140 g

Additional features and tips

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The putty is delivered in a practical metal container.

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Depending on the type and strength of force applied, the putty displays very different features and behaviours.

That makes not only for great entertainment; it also has practical applications:
Thanks to its relatively firm consistency, it is used as therapy putty, helps with smoke withdrawal and stress reduction.

Other nice characteristics of Silly Putty:

  • Does not contain water and therefore does not dry out

  • Does not stick or stain and is not greasy - keeps hands clean

  • Is nontoxic and therefore suitable for children 4 years and older

Pink or blue? Purple or black? All of them!
The type "Neon Flash" is very special: The extreme neon orange by itself is already unique, but once your eyes have recovered from this colour shock, you discover a pink shimmer in the putty. This effect is truly extraordinary and very hard to describe. Conclusion: You have to see it with your own eyes!