Gift ideas: Our personal favourites

The best gift ideas are often what we like ourselves. After all, we want only the best for the recipient - something original, reliable, pretty and practical! In this spirit, our supermagnete staff share their magnet favourites with you.
You can find more gift insipirations in our gift finder.

Rosalba Fabiano, Office Management
"These days, many fridges are no longer magnetic, which eliminates a place that was used to quickly hang up postcards.
When I came across photo ropes, I instantly liked the idea. I will get a photo rope for my beloved sister so she can hang up postcards and family photos.
What I like best about it is that it allows for a versatile room decoration.
The little magnets that come with it are surprisingly strong."
Pavlina Hobi, Head of Customer Care
"Everyone knows a person who is really hard to shop for. Mostly, because it appears the person already has everything.
For such cases, I have discovered this breakfast set. It is practical and aesthetically pleasing. And since the set is a very exclusive item, I can be sure that the other person doesn't have it yet.
The blade of the panorama knife depicts the contours of the most prominent Swiss mountains. The cutting board contains magnets to keep the knife handy - ideal for hikes and picnics."
Martin Albert, Quality Manager
"Gold is not magnetic, diamonds are not magnetic, bitcoins are not magnetic. But the treasurer hunter is ingenious and I will give it to some friends to look for treasures in the lake instead of sitting in front of the computer all day.
Who knows, maybe they will find some silverware or other useful household items that they can sell on eBay. But then they're back on the computer again ;-)"
Chantal Pichler, Customer Care
"Never tie shoes again? Zubits® makes it possible! Once laced, the magnets close your shoes securely and reliably. With the various sizes and colors you can find the fitting closure for any shoe.
Zubits® are a practical gift for everyone who can't or don't want to tie shoes.
Also, I like to give a gift that doesn't collect dust in a corner but is really useful."
Gabriel Welsche, Information Technology
"THE gift idea for children: Magnetic Thinking Putty. My kids have had it for a while now, so I know first hand how fascinated the littled ones are by this putty. You can pull it, shape it into a ball (which really bounces), rip it, etc.
As a parent I am happy that the putty is not sticky and doesn't dry out. Even adults like to play with it, especially since there are so many different kinds: ferro-magnetic ones, glow in the dark, transparent, etc."
Isabelle Roten, Customer Care
"Cooking is not always fun and sometimes just a boring necessity. That's when a fun picture or such a ladybird comes in handy in the kitchen. Thanks to the embedded magnets, the bug stays on my fridge. Hence, we don't just have a nice decoration but also a trivet handy at any time - how convenient! Another useful feature: When you lift the pot, the trivet sticks to it.
Especially because of its good-luck symbolism the ladybird makes for a perfect gift in my opinion."
Stephan Kirsch, Head Online Marketing
"A brilliant gift for all creatives, visionaries and of course families with children. The whiteboard paint transforms any wall or surface into an oversized doodle board.
It's not just kids who will love to let their creative juices flowing and draw on the walls. Combined with a base coat of magnetic paint, you can easily integrate magnets into your piece of art or strategy concepts.
Simply put: A must-have gift for young and old."
Nico Meili, Head Purchasing
"It's a good thing my father and brother-in-law are handymen, which makes it easier to treat them with something that is practical and pleasing.
In our category «Workshop» there are many cool gadgets that serve that purpose. Work gloves, for instance, that have a magnet sewed into the back of the hand, so they never have to search for nails or screws again."
Pablo Schläpfer, Head of IT
"Even though the Tangram cube is well suited for children, they are not the only ones interested in it. With the enclosed challenge cards you can build different shapes. That is not always as easy as it looks at first. It can't hurt us adults either to train our spacial sense!
Therefore, this 3D Tangram is a gift for all ages, especially for those who are into Rubik's Cube and other logic games."

Anja Rosebrock, Customer Care
"Whether you want to highlight a holiday memory or a picture of a beloved pet - this picture frame accentuates every photo. It is elegant and fits in nicely at home. Currently, the photo of my cat Diego embellishes my desk at supermagnete.
Last but not least my gift idea: Put your own photo into it, package it nicely and give it to a loved one, such as your partner or parents."

Susanne Gerschwiler, Customer Care
"When you hold the magnetic board made of slate you notice right away that this is a high-quality product. It is classy and rustic - a very interesting combination!
You can never be wrong with such a timeless present. Put your picture on it - that adds a personal touch."

Cora Egli, Content Manager / OnlineMarketing
"As a geeky girl I am not so much into decorative heart magnets, photo ropes, etc. but into products with a certain nerd factor. Therefore, I was personally committed to making sure the cute "Beer tree XL" found its way into our assortment. Naturally, I have one at home and it never fails to surprise guests. I collect on it special bottles caps from around the world - my modest contribution to interior decorating :-)"

Karin Rudolph, Customer Care
"I'll get these ornaments for my own Christmas tree. You can get very creative with them, the colour is unusual, and they are very versatile. Whether as a name tag for gifts, as place cards for dinner or on a beautiful door wreath - thanks to individualised labelling you can use them pretty much everywhere during the Christmas season.
P.S. If you need them to be a little more colourful, just borrow coloured chalk from the kids and go crazy."

Steeve Christen, Web Developer
"Why not a legendary vehicle as a pen holder?
The VW T1 not only takes us on a journey, it also has room for your smart phone and holds on to paper clips (thanks to its magnetic front).
Make your friends happy by giving them this beautiful gift to embellish their desk."
Martina Birchler, Expert
"I know exactly whom I get the wooden cube set for! My 8-year old godchild. She will love it. Wood is a cool material, the cube is timeless, and it stimulates creativity.
The next question is: What do I get my other four godchildren? But in our category 'gift ideas' I am sure to find something suitable."

Jan Lohmer, Web Developer
"Ladies could get the iconic 8-bit hand key holder for their boyfriends.
It is perfect for nerds and tech geeks and ideal for people who are always looking for their keys. I want this keyholder for myself!"

Gino Doll, Customer Care
"I will get the fan fin for my football-crazy friends. It looks sporty on the car and is a good alternative to the Hawaiian lei that you often see on rear-view mirrors.
And it doesn't always have to be football. You can use it for other situations, such as a bi-national wedding. Why not put the fan fins of the two countries on the limo?"

Piera Forleo, Customer Care
"These unique wooden vases are real one-of-a-kinds with a fair price-performance ratio.
The best about it is: Thanks to the embedded magnet and a metal disc as a counterpart, the vase stands firm and securely on any tablecloth, which helps to survive big family gatherings.
These vases are tasteful, timeless and great for surprising someone."

Sandra Atanasio, Customer Care
"I like the colour and elegant shape of the magnetic board. It almost looks like a picture and would fit great into a modern living room. I will get one for my boyfriend... or maybe even two! One in copper and one in silver. I am sure it looks good when you space them out on the wall; almost like a piece of art."

Hans Schoor, Customer Care
"This knife block is a great gift for my father. He likes to cook and will be happy to have his knives handy. Also, storing them this way protects the good knives; they often get banged up in the drawer.
The block is available in two different types of wood, but I like the nut wood the best... Actually, it would look good in my own kitchen as well!"

Andrea Blöchlinger, Customer Care
"I like this slate board; its special surface structure makes it exeptional and classy. If I had room I would hang it up myself at home. One of my friends recently bought two and hung them up next to each other. He loves them: They are useful and look good!
The slate board is an ideal gift for your relatives. Most people find the board visually and practically appealing, but don't have one at home."

Sylvia Hegelbach, Office Manager
"For Christmas gifts it is especially fitting when they support a charitable cause. Our entire profit of the MadagasCar cars and planes will be donated to a Children's Fund in Madagascar.
I like that the iron sheet fridge magnets are all one-of-a-kind. It also shows that they were made with much love for detail.
The little cars and planes are a definite eye-catcher on the fridge and of course a great gift for fans of old-timers."

Marianne Gerhard, Expert
"The cute little animals are my absolute favourites.
I always have some at home, because they are perfect little souvenir. And with a gift card in their belly, they turn into a great gift for all occasions."

Fausto Colombo, Customer Care
"I like the macho set so much, I've already given it away twice. My father received it last Christmas: He started playing with it right away and was totally oblivious to everything around him.
It was good to see that he liked it.
The macho set turned out to be the best present - unusual and original!"

Janine Stahn, Customer Care
"The sparkling Swarovski stones make this deco magnet classy and very fitting for Christmas time. For real Christmas fans there is even a star version - perfect for hanging up Christmas cards on the fridge. My tip: The diamond magnets look their best on a dark background.
Since women like a little sparkle, it is a nice present for your sister, girlfriend or mother."

Matthias Ackermann, Owner
"Magnets don't always 'attract.' On graphite, for instance, they are rather repellent. So much so, that the little graphite plate lifts up and floats. A physical phenomenon called 'diamagnetism' holds the little plate firmly a few millimetres in the air.
My gift idea is therefore the DIALEV. It contains this fascinating experiment in a massive wooden box that closes with a magnet. A beautiful gift package and explanatory brochure is included."

Yann Gaillard, Purchasing
"Christmas and mulled wine? Sure. But have you tried grilling in the winter? Invite a few friends and try it out. While the grill heats up on the balcony, you can have a cold beer inside and a little bottle cap throwing contest with the beer tree. Cheers!"